Help us ensure Schwarzwaldeckhaus will continue to serve future generations!

As a not-for-profit organization, Schwarzwaldeckhaus depends on the support of the community of believers from around the world. Every year a number of volunteers donate their time and resources to make sure the house stays in good condition. We are always looking for those who want to help us make sure the facilities will be available not just for us, but for future generations as well.

How Can You Help?


Support Schwarzwaldeckhaus financially

The fees normally collected for usage of the rooms cover only a portion of the ongoing cost of operating and maintaining Schwarzwaldeckhaus. Due to its remote location, the maintenance and repair costs are often higher than what would otherwise be expected.

We welcome and are very thankful for any support to help us with this mission! If you would like to help by donating to our not-for-profit organization, please use the following bank information:

Verein für Jugendarbeit der Gemeinde Christi in Wien
IBAN: AT61 6000 0000 9210 8604


Donate household goods or furnishings

Our not-for-profit organization is also open to donations in kind to help upgrade and replace worn-out equipment and furnishings. In the past, our supporters donated bedding, mattresses, kitchen utensils, room decorations, beds, towels, cleaning supplies, etc.

Our needs change from year to year and if you are interested in making this type of donation and would like to find out what is currently needed, please contact us.


Volunteer your time

Every year our volunteers spend time in the beauty of the Alpine region helping us with various improvements and repairs. Some examples of work that needs to be carried out regularly include:

  • repairing the mountain road leading up to the house;
  • cleaning of gutters, windows, and the area around the house;
  • staining the deck in front of the house;
  • preparing food for our events;
  • maintaining/repairing water pumps and wells.

If you would like to volunteer your time to Schwarzwaldeckhaus in this way, please contact us.