Built at the beginning of the 20th century, Schwarzwaldeckhaus continues to serve as a perfect location for spiritual renewal. Groups up to 45 people can spend time focusing on their relationship with God surrounded by the majestic views of His Creation.




Schwarzwaldeckhaus was built at the beginning of the 20th century and served for a long time as a mountain lodge for stranded hikers. At the beginning of the 1950s, the house became a beloved destination for residents of Vienna and was expanded into a mountain gasthaus.

The house is now owned by churches of Christ (churches, which follow the simple teachings of the New Testament). Since 1979 it serves as a regular location for children Bible camps, youth camps, church retreats and other events. 

Schwarzwaldeckhaus is located about 45 minutes walk from the parking lot at Ebenwald. The hike takes one through beautiful forests and mountain meadows to the altitude of 1,069 meters. It boasts an incredible direct view of Mount Schneeberg and Mount Rax. For longer stays and larger groups it is possible to bring luggage and supplies with an all-terrain vehicle directly to the house. Please be advised that it is not allowed to drive personal vehicles past the parking lot as all access roads are privately owned by local farmers.



Schwarzwaldeckhaus serves as a place of spiritual growth and renewal. Due to its remote mountaintop location, it is an ideal place of refuge from the busyness of daily life and from the ever-present noise of modern technology and media. It allows one to personally experience the true beauty and purity of God's Creation in its smallest detail. Taking away the distractions to focus on loving God and His people is what makes this place truly special.

The house offers simple but comfortable accommodations. On the ground floor there is a large kitchen fully-equipped with a refrigerator, a dish-washer, a walk-in cold room, and a traditional stove. Logs of natural wood used to fire the stove are supplied by local farmers. Next to the kitchen, there is an activity room featuring a cozy fireplace. Adjacent is a large dining room that can seat about 45 people. Both rooms can be configured to fit the needs of each particular group - whether for meals, playing games, Bible studies, classes, devotionals, etc. There is also a small hallway with a fussball table and a wash room with 2 shower cabins.

On the second floor and third floors there are 14 rooms offering 2 to 6 beds each. The house can comfortably sleep up to 45 people.

The area in front of the house is open for playing sports and other outdoor activities. There is also a wooden deck and a fire pit for grilling.



Schwarzwaldeckhaus is located near the Ebenwald parking lot. Click here for detailed arrival directions.


Location – Ebenwald, Kleinzell, AT
Established – early 20th century
Max. occupancy – 45
Elevation – 1,069 meters


Kitchen with a wood stove
Shower cabins
Parking lot (45 min walk)
14 rooms (2-6 beds each)
Mountain patio
Basketball hoop


Children Camp
Youth Camp
Church Retreats
Senior Retreats
Spiritual Walks